MillyOnLashes Cleanser is a high-class spa for the lashes which richly moisturizes the eyelashes.

With the tea tree essentials added to the cleanser, the foam cleanser can thoroughly wash away dirt, makeup residues, and other irritations. Cleansing the eyelashes on a daily basis will keep your eyelashes healthy

30ml Gentle, Non-Irritating formula

Cleansing Solution is good for 3 years

How to Cleanse:

1.) Add a saline water 5ml packet and 8 pumps of cleanser solution into the empty foam bottle. Shake the bottle to form foaming cleanser.

2.) Pump the foaming cleanser into the foam top, and use the lash brush to meticulously apply them to the eyelash extensions. Making sure to cleanse in between each extension.

3.) Rinse away the cleanser and pat dry your lashes.

4) Fan lashes or blow dry on cool to completely dry them.

5) Then brush!